Cat Doodle 25 – Beamer

    by | Feb 15, 2018 | Cat Doodles, Sylvia | 0 comments

    Hi, I’m Beamer. Four other kittens and I were rescued by Animal Control and luckily came to the SBACC where we were safe, warm and well fed while waiting for our forever homes. I was the smallest of the group and more scared and shy. All the kittens I arrived with have been adopted and I am now a teenager and in a room with the big grown-up cats. I have been having a lot of fun zooming around the room, playing and getting to know my new roommates. My best buddy is now Asia who is about the same age as me. I am still a little nervous around people, but I LOVE other cats and can’t wait for my very own forever home. I really, really need a home with another kitten or cat. Maybe Asia could come with me?

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