Cat Doodle 29 – Twinkle

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    Hi, I’m Twinkle, the Mama of the four T4 kittens.   We were rescued from the Garden Center at the Seal Beach Target when my kittens were just three days old.  It was just a couple of weeks before Christmas and there were no foster homes for us, but I got to raise my kittens in the comfort and safety of our very own room at SBACC.  When my kittens learned to eat on their own, they went to a foster home until they could grow bigger and get ready for their forever homes.  I missed them a lot at first but the great people at SBACC have spent a lot of time with me and have been getting me ready for my forever home.  I am still kinda scared and a bit wary of people but am slowly coming around.   I will just need a family who has lots of patience and gives me lots of time to adjust.  BTW, my kittens are in some of the pics with me.   They will be ready for their forever homes soon.

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