Cat Doodle 44 – Covergirl [Adopted!]

Mar 15, 2018 | Syl | 0 comments

drawing of a cat snuggled in a blanket

Hi, I’m Covergirl, and I am one lucky girl!  I was rescued from a kill shelter where I may not have made it out alive.  I am young, pretty, sweet and friendly.  I love attention and pets and show my appreciation with purrs.  I tested FIV+ but it may be a false positive and I am going to be retested.  Even if it is truly positive, it is no big deal.  FIV is strictly a feline condition and despite what many people think, cats with FIV can live long, healthy lives! Go ahead and ask my friends at SBACC about this condition or check it out on Cats who are FIV+ can also live with non-FIV+ cats because it is only transmitted by a serious bite not by sharing food, water or litter boxes.    I am hoping to find a forever home where I will be loved and pampered forever and forever.


Covergirl was adopted on March 28, 2018!!!