Cat Doodle 48 – Smee [Adopted!]

Mar 29, 2018 | Syl | 0 comments

drawing of a cat lying on her side

Hi, I’m Smee. I was rescued from a kill shelter and am very lucky to be at SBACC. I am a sweet, friendly and very good looking boy but I do have a problem. I have a bit of a head tilt and problems with balance. I have had a very extensive and expensive workup since I have been at SBACC and I don’t have anything that is infectious or contagious and it is thought that I have some kind of an autoimmune disorder. I may have it forever but no one is sure. Despite it all, I am a happy cat who loves people and I am hoping for a forever home with someone who is OK with a kitty who is not absolutely perfect but will be very loving.

Smee was adopted on 4/20/18!