Cat Doodle 52 – Mugsy

Apr 29, 2018 | Syl | 0 comments

Hi, I’m Mugsy. I was rescued from the street along with my feral Mama and six litter mates.  We were only a few days old and not in the best of shape. Our Mama was not taking very good care of us so we had to be syringe and bottle fed after we came to SBACC. I have had some medical issues with my nose,  I had surgery to help correct the problem but I still have some congestion issues that need some ongoing medical care.  Despite all this  I am a very handsome orange tabby with an adorable face that will melt your heart.  See those circle patterns in my fur, they mean that I’m SPECIAL!  I love to play with the mouse on a wire, I usually capture it right away – “Ace Mouser” is my nick name!  I would love to have a home that can give me the love and care that I crave, and another kitty to play with would be awesome!

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