52 in ’22

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    In 2011, a small group of friends created a drawing blog called 52 Drawings. The goal was to finish a drawing each week. We had a randomly chosen subject to draw. We started off strong, but like most things in life we got busy and it waned over time.

    We decided to try again this year, but with more flexibility.


    • Instead of a chosen subject, we will instead offer a suggestion to draw something that starts with a letter (A – Z and repeat when we get to the end). This will provide some structure but allow more freedom and creativity.
    • Feel free to submit works in progress. There is no need to finish a drawing to post it.
    • The goal is just to draw regularly.

    Submitting a Drawing

    To make it easy on our artists, we have created a web form that will provide a simple way to provide the title, upload the drawing, and provide any written content to create the Post. The admins will add the finishing touches and publish the drawing.

    Weekly drawings should be submitted on Mondays. This will give folks some time on the weekend to draw. Drawings can be simple, even a quick doodle is wonderful. Drawings can be a work in progress. The only goal is to draw on a regular basis.



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