B is for Bonnacon

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    In Asia there is an animal called the bonnacon which has a bull’s head and body, except for the mane of a horse. But its horns wind back on themselves in such a way that anyone who falls on them is not wounded. The protection which is denied to this monster through its horns is provided by its belly. When it flees, the excrement from the stomach of the beast produces such a stench over an area of two acres that its heat singes everything it touches. By this poisonous dung it keeps all pursuers at bay.

    Bestiary, English version of the Bodleian Library, Oxford MS Bodely 764, Translated and introduced by Richard Barber.

    This drawing was inspired by an actual Bonnacon Bestiary drawing, but I took some liberties as I learn the craft.

    Drawing #2 of 52 (52 in ‘22)

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    1. Jilli Diablo

      Poisonous dung!! So great..


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