Cat Doodle 21 — Gretzky


Hi, I’m Gretzky. My brother, Gerard and I spent our first 3 months on the streets and when we came to the SBACC, we were very scared and very wild. Everyone was really nice to us and we calmed down, but remained shy and timid cats. My brother became a little more outgoing with time and was adopted, but I am still waiting for my forever home. I’m a very handsome tabby boy who is still a little shy, but I now enjoy petting from people I know, and I love to play with the mouse on a wire toy! I need a quiet home with a cat savvy Mom or Dad who will give me plenty of time to adjust in a new home. Although I live with several other cats at the shelter, I think I might be better off as an only cat, as long as I have people to pay attention to me!

Drawing of a tabby cat sitting in a cat tree with front legs hanging down

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