Cat Doodle 23 – Gizelda

drawing of a white cat with paw next to her face

Oh, hello there, I’m Gizelda, international woman of mystery. I came to the shelter as quite the challenge, but like any good spy I didn’t want to blow my cover. The volunteer operatives here know me as quite the lap cat, but that’s classified information and won’t be shared with you until I have given you top secret Gizelda security and trust clearance. I know that with the right family I’ll fit right in, but I ask you this one favor: please, no other cats or small children. I must ask that you give ME all of your attention; after all, I deserve it. Just so you know, I will not allow you to pick me up and I will get in your lap only when I chose to. It just has to be the right lap and the right time. I am a very independent lady!

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