Cat Doodle 26 – Zoe

cat doodle - tabby cat

Hi, I’m Zoey.  I originally came to SBACC with six kittens when I was about one year old.  After I raised my kittens, I was adopted by a young couple and thought I had found my forever home, but unfortunately their second baby was allergic to me.  They found me another home with an elderly neighbor and I lived with her for about a year, but then she became ill and there was no other home for me.  So, here I am back at SBACC.  I came back with a very sore mouth and it turns out I had a bad case of stomatitis and had to have all my teeth pulled.  I am feeling so much better now.  I bet you don’t know it, but cats don’t need teeth to eat.  I can be shy until I get to know you but I am a friendly girl who enjoys pets.   I am still young and playful too.  I am hoping to find another home and wouldn’t mind having a cat buddy.

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