Cat Doodle 28 – Slim

Drawing of a black and white cat

Hi, I’m Slim. I arrived at the SBACC dirty, scared and full of fleas. Turns out I was anemic and had a blood infection. The people at SBACC worked hard to get me back into shape. I was not all that cooperative, but I finally came around and realized that everyone just wants to help me and be my friend. I am FIV+, probably due to my tomcat past on the streets. Don’t worry, it is strictly a feline condition and despite what many people think, cats with FIV can live long, healthy lives! Go ahead and ask my friends at SBACC about this condition or check it out on Cats that are FIV+ can also live with non-FIV+ cats as long as they aren’t aggressive. I moved out of sick-bay into a common room at SBACC some time ago. I get along great with my roommates and would do best with a cat buddy! I’m definitely ready for my forever home!

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