Cat Doodle 34 – Kitten Target [Adopted!]

Target was adopted on March 3, 2018!!!!

drawing of a tabby and white kitten

Update on 3/4/18 – ADOPTED!

Hi, I’m Target. I was rescued from the Garden Center at the Seal Beach Target along with my Mama and 3 litter mates when were just three days old. It was just a couple of weeks before Christmas and there were no foster homes for us, but our Mama nursed us in the comfort and safety of our very own room at SBACC. When we learned to eat on our own, we went to a foster home so we could grow bigger and get ready for our forever homes. Yes, as you may have noticed they named me for the store where I was found! I’m a girly girl so my foster mom calls me Twinkie because I’m so sweet. I really love playing with my siblings but when my foster mom comes into the room I run to her for some hugs and kisses. They say I’m big for my age but with the playfulness of a little imp! My brother and sisters have all been adopted, so it would be wonderful if whoever adopts me has another cat or kitten in the home!

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