Cat Doodle 36 – Miel [Adopted!]

drawing of a young tabby and white cat

Meet Macy and Miel! Macy and Miel were born late April 2017 with 6 other siblings. Macy is the more confident sibling. She is the first to greet new people and is the most talkative. She loves telling humans all about her day and enjoys being held like a baby around the house. Miel (the one with the black tear drop spot) is also very sweet. She was one of the first of her siblings to become open up and become affectionate which quickly earned her the name “Miel” (me-elle) which means honey in Spanish! Miel welcomes herself into empty laps and prefers to sleep curled up next to her foster human. She also loves her foster-human’s small dog and her favorite thing to do is rub her head against his fur. We assume she will be okay with small dogs in a new home. These two kitties love jumping off walls and goofing around just as much as they love to be with humans. Both kitties get along extremely well with other cats and they would be great companions for any kitty or human!

Wouldn’t you like to meet them and see if they are the perfect addition to YOUR family? Come visit them at Petco during our weekly adoption events!!! For more information on how to adopt any of our adoptable cats, please contact OC SMALL PAWS at 714-815-4300 or, putting the cat’s name in the subject line. EMAIL is always the fastest way to bring your new family member home!

Miel and her sister, Macy, and her sister were adopted!

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