Cat Doodle 37 – Cheshire [Adopted!]

drawing of an orange tabby with his tongue out

Meet Cheshire (Sweet + Playful!)

Cheshire is a stunning, five-year old cat who sadly is a victim of animal cruelty. He was shot by a BB gun and was found missing his top and bottom incisors!

The Fuzzy Pet Foundation had first spotted Cheshire from underneath a car, huddled in fear, in the parking lot of our vet’s office. He darted off as soon as he saw us. Twice he almost got run over by cars. We had to maneuver our way through some busy cross streets, and even crawl into the sewer to get Cheshire. Fortunately, we had our trap handy, and we were able to lure him in with some yummy food.

TFPF provided Cheshire with the BEST veterinary care. He was treated for fleas, and he recently underwent anesthesia for a dental-cleaning and his neuter surgery. He was also treated for worms in his stools. He is now a healthy boy ready for adoption! He currently weighs 14.2 pounds.

Despite his horrible past, Cheshire is an EXTREMELY playful and loving boy. He LOVES playing with toys and will roll on his side for belly rubs. He is gentle and gets along terrific with other cats. He comes when called. He enjoys being petted on his head and underneath his chin. He is such a fun cat who will play with string toys and follow us around like a dog.

Cheshire was adopted.

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