Cat Doodle 38 – Lilikoi

Drawing of a white and orange tabby

Meet Lilikoi (Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!)

When we were about 5 months old, my sister, Ponytail, and I were almost surrendered to Devore Shelter in June of 2016. Thankfully, that didn’t happen because a nice lady from Kitty Devore Rescue intercepted us before we could be admitted. She took us home and we became KD Kitties.

Last year, we were both adopted. However, our former family worked from home and decided we were too distracting. So they returned us. We were sad but, again, at least we had each other and we knew Kitty Devore Rescue would always be our safety net and would never let anything bad happen to us.

I love my sister but she’s not very adventurous like me. I like to have fun, scout things out, am curious about everything and, above all else, I love to play and have a good time. Some might even call me a little mischievous. In our new foster home, my sister and I do our own thing. There are other kitties and dogs in our foster home. She plays with her friends and I play with mine. We do not need to be adopted together.

I’m looking for my very own special person or family – preferably one that likes to have fun, fun, fun! Maybe that’s you! If you’d like to adopt me, please fill out an application for me today.

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