Cat Doodle 39 – Sugar

drawing of a cat looking upHi, I’m Sugar, but I was called Jingles when I first came to SBACC as a tiny newborn kitten.  After being raised in a foster home along with my litter mates, I was adopted with another kitten and lived in a home with her and another cat.  I loved my human Mom and human siblings, but just was not happy sharing my space with the other cats.  Although it made her very sad, my Mom decided to bring me back to SBACC where I could find another forever home as an only cat.  I am not even two years old yet and I am very friendly and affectionate, and good with kids too!  And if I do say so myself, I am very pretty, and have the most beautiful blue eyes!

Update: 3/817 – Sugar was adopted!!!

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