Cat Doodle 51 – Osaka

drawing of a tabby cat

Hi, I’m Osaka.  My 2 brothers and I were rescued from Leisure World when we were about 4 months old.  We weren’t used to being around people and were really, really scared.  It’s going to take us all a while to get used to our new life but it sure is nice to be safe and well fed.  I am still kind of shy but I am the friendliest of my brothers.  I am usually out and about and enjoy pets.  A forever home with one of my brothers or another kitten or cat would be super.  One of the pics is of me and my 2 brothers.  It’s kind of hard to tell us apart.

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I love to draw. Most of us do when we’re children, but somewhere along the line we worry that if we’re not good enough we shouldn’t even try. I find that when I haven’t drawn in a while, I get rusty and am unhappy with the results. The quote by Walt Stanchfield gave me permission to be bad and freed me from my own ego. This site is a way to encourage everyone to draw. Put aside the fear of being good enough; embrace being bad. Just keep drawing.

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