Kitten Elvis (Adopted!)

Drawing of a tabby kitten
Kitten Elvis at the Seal Beach Animal Care Center

Hi, I’m Elvis.  My 3 littermates and I were born to a feral Mama in a Seal Beach garage.  Our Mama disappeared one day and the nice man who lived in the house bottle fed us and then taught us how to eat on our own.  He couldn’t keep us forever and couldn’t find homes for us so he brought us to SBACC when we were about two months old.  Turns out we all had a nasty intestinal parasite that took weeks to get rid of but we are finally all healthy and ready for our forever homes.   We were lucky to spend time in a foster home while we were being treated.  My foster Mom says I am the purrrfect kitten and was her favorite.  I am a cuddly lap kitten who likes being picked up and held and I purr constantly.  I also like to play and I got along with all the other kittens and dogs too.  I would be OK as an only kitty but would much rather go home with another kitten or go to a  home that already has a kitten or cat or maybe even a dog.

Learn more to adopt Elvis at the SBACC website.

Time lapse drawing using Procreate on an iPad with an Apple Pencil.


I love to draw. Most of us do when we’re children, but somewhere along the line we worry that if we’re not good enough we shouldn’t even try. I find that when I haven’t drawn in a while, I get rusty and am unhappy with the results. The quote by Walt Stanchfield gave me permission to be bad and freed me from my own ego. This site is a way to encourage everyone to draw. Put aside the fear of being good enough; embrace being bad. Just keep drawing.

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