Drawing of a tabby cat
Nacho cat available for adoption at the Seal Beach Animal Care Center

Hi, I’m Nacho, one of six kittens born to a feral Mom in the backyard of a previous adopter.  Two of my brothers were rescued when they were only six days old because our Mama wasn’t taking care of them. I was rescued with the rest of my litter three weeks later.  I’d do great in a home that has other kittens, adult cats, cat-friendly dogs, and gentle kids.  I’ve never spent time with dogs or kids but I’m very outgoing, energetic and affectionate so I think I’d adjust quickly.  I don’t think I’d like to be an “only child” – I need at least another kitten, cat or dog to keep me happy & entertained.  That’s me with my sister, Nikki, when we were babies in one of the pics. She has been adopted, so it’s just me now!

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Video of the drawing in progress. I use Procreate on an iPad with an Apple Pencil.


I love to draw. Most of us do when we’re children, but somewhere along the line we worry that if we’re not good enough we shouldn’t even try. I find that when I haven’t drawn in a while, I get rusty and am unhappy with the results. The quote by Walt Stanchfield gave me permission to be bad and freed me from my own ego. This site is a way to encourage everyone to draw. Put aside the fear of being good enough; embrace being bad. Just keep drawing.

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