"We all have 10,000 bad drawings in us, the sooner we get them out the better."-Walt Stanchfield

Drawing of a crash test dummy

Who you callin’ “dummy”?

By Wolfsmane » April 21, 2011
drawing of a t-rex

Big Mouth

By Wolfsmane » April 18, 2011
drawing of a bug

Bestseller, c. 6 A.D.

By Wolfsmane » April 10, 2011
drawing of a bunch of carrots

The Devil’s Favorite Food

By Wolfsmane » March 27, 2011
drawing of an arm holding a drill piercing a pickle

Pickle Power

By Wolfsmane » March 21, 2011
drawing of a vampire

Undead in Five Minutes

By Wolfsmane » March 7, 2011
drawing of a whirling dervish


By Wolfsmane » February 26, 2011
drawings of Stainless frying pan


By Wolfsmane » February 20, 2011
drawing of a Drunken Sailor

Man on a Mission

By Wolfsmane » February 13, 2011
drawing of hands holding a football


By Wolfsmane » February 6, 2011
drawing of a man in fetal position in a can of sardines

Tin Man

By Wolfsmane » January 30, 2011
drawing of a view from an airplane window

Somewhere over Germany

By Wolfsmane » January 20, 2011
drawing of a wooly mammoth skeleton

Not-so-woolly mammoth

By Wolfsmane » January 13, 2011